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The term 'hacker' primarily refers to those black hat individuals cracking software/web sites in order to steal, make damage, whatsoever these days. My personal preference is to give this term its original meaning (RFC 1392) - someone willing to get to the base of things. This is what I am.

My first reverse engineering experience was at the age of 14 (1993) with my first computer - Sinclair Spectrum :-) . It was the beginning of my immersion into the wonderful world of software, as reversing existing programs was about the only way to learn programming for me at that time.

As you can assume, my first development experience was at the same time - development of simple RE tools for Spectrum (happy times)...

I may say, that I've been lucky enough to convert my passion to profession. Currently, I make my living by reversing (legal only) software, performing vulnerability assessment of software products and developing anti piracy strategies and mechanisms.

Given the fact that I am an independent RE and Anti Piracy Consultant I am always open for new business opportunities (unless such an opportunity would put me into a conflict of interests with current partners). Please, contact me directly for more information at my personal email.